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Please allow us to share testimonials of stakeholders that have appreciated our expertise:

Retail Clothing Chain


Specialist Industrial Supplier


"The business continued trading during the insolvency administration whilst it was advertised for sale. The previous owners made a successful offer for it and were able to take over the operation as a going concern with almost all jobs saved."

General Manager,

Retail Clothing Chain

"We are a small Australian owned company that supplies specialist products to the commercial and industrial sectors.


A few years ago we became involved in a contractual dispute on a major project as a result of the structural failure of some of the product supplied. We did not feel that we were at fault because the product that we had supplied had been installed incorrectly. Despite the opinion of our lawyer that we had an excellent case we were unable to reach an agreement and the legal dispute became a costly and protracted affair.


Eventually, the financial burden of the legal dispute, coupled with a decline in turnover as a result of the incident, left the company in a much weakened state.


After a recommendation from our accountant the directors appointed Bruce Mulvaney as Administrator of the company. In less than a year he had negotiated what we hadn’t been able to achieve in 5 years: the claim against our company was withdrawn with each party agreeing to bear their own costs."


Managing Director,

Specialist Industrial Supplier

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