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Company Crisis in Lockdown

What can Victorian Businesses do now that we are in a further lockdown?

Three weeks into a six week stage three lockdown, a new stage four lockdown lasting at least six weeks has commenced.

As the Federal Treasurer says this is a fluid situation.

Solvency (the ability to pay debts as and when they fall due) is a real challenge for many businesses.

Overnight, businesses already suffering from a severe drop in sales, are now facing the frightening prospect of a complete wipe out of sales for at least six weeks.

Bruce Mulvaney & Co can provide expert help to manage a company in crisis to enable creditors claims to be frozen whilst a solution is put in place, and where possible lifting the restrictions on a business so that it can be saved wherever possible.

We're experts in restructuring and dealing with the myriad of issues that otherwise would preoccupy Director's time.

Sadly in some cases a business cannot be saved. In a liquidation with insufficient funds, the government's Fair Entitlements Guarantee scheme pays some entitlements to eligible employees.

Give us a call on (03) 9896 9000 today.

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